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Sandra’s works are liked because they are simple and genuine. These art pieces do not like pedestals and are designed to be moved around to our living environments. Bringing them close to the everyday life allows the lucky families who host them to feel a warm presence, capable of receiving and giving lot of affection.


The artist prefers the lost-wax bronze casting technique with which she creates most of her artworks. The style that characterises her works is recognisable by the only apparently rough and unfinished features. The undefined faces represent the universality of Sandra’s works that speak to an intergenerational audience. Each work is personalised and therefore a unique piece, guaranteed by certificate and authentication.


Outgoing and sociable, Sandra established a network of friendships with people who appreciate her creations. The artist maintains direct contact with the buyer, who is invited to share photographs and moments of the work in its new home.

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Il Gatto

Il Gatto (The Cat) was created as a gift to her husband Cesare and was inspired by the great works of her friend and master sculptor Nag Arnoldi.

Gatto is a pet bronze with a docile and affectionate appearance. The rough and polished workmanship gives the piece a lively appearance that is both elegant and delicate.

Just like a real pet, Gatto is independent and expresses its charm both on the floor or on any piece of furniture. Gatto is a gentle presence that will wait for your return home to be caressed by your eyes.

Abbraccio alla vita

Abbraccio alla vita (Embracing life) depicts the loving mother's embrace of a new life. A simple yet intimate gesture that represents the delicacy with which human life is worthy of protection.

The work is also a tribute to everyone's life. The author urges us to embrace each day of our lives as if it were a new beginning. Respecting yourself and recognising the preciousness of your life is the secret to always feeling cared for and loved.

Abbraccio alla vita exists in two versions: mother with baby on her shoulder and/or baby in mother’s arms.

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La Capriola

Modern society requires women to be increasingly multitasking. Therefore, today’s women finds herself taking care of her femininity by juggling household chores, career, and social life.


La Capriola (The somersault) is the representation of the modern woman: light and flexible.


The work gives the viewer a cheerful view of women; as if to remind us of the carefree youth of each of us, to help us face the present challenges with peace. Because there is no challenge that cannot be overcome with a positive attitude, step by step.

La Lettrice

Those who read live twice.


This art piece represents the link between the world of books and the magical world of dreams into which the reader dives when he lets himself be carried away by a book.


The work evokes the total freedom of those who allow themselves to be carried away by their feelings while reading. No matter how many people have already read that page, the journey is always unique and exciting.


La lettrice (The reader) exists in three versions; lying on the grass, seated or on the ground.

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La donnina di compagnia

Donnina di compagnia (Companion woman) is meant to be moved regularly to be close to the lucky people who host her in their homes.


As a true companion woman, the art piece is a silent presence which loves to be in company and knows she is good at it. The artist wanted to represent the importance of gentle presences in everyone’s life. Indeed, the Donnina di compagnia is an attentive listener, a wise friend and never intrusive.


This art piece exists in three versions: seated, cross-legged, or standing at the edge of the table.

La ballerina che cammina

La ballerina che cammina (The walking dancer) is undoubtedly the most imponent statue among the artist's creations.


The work is intended to be the counterbalance to l'homme qui marche. The dancer walks forward but without haste. She is decisive and sure of her destiny and flaunts lightness and carefreeness. The artist wants to highlight the traits of a new femininity made up of multitasking women who live their lives to the full with serenity, their heads held high.


The walking dancer exists in two versions, with unique expression.

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L' arciere

L’arciere (The archer) was commissioned by the FITA (Italian Archery Foundation) association.


The creation of this work required countless tests and research to combine different materials and to reproduce a support that would make the statue vibrate like the bow vibrates after an arrow is shot. The artist succeeded in creating a stable, graceful and precise bronze. A true archer.


The work exists in two versions: archer with bow on shoulder or angel with wings in the shape of a bow.

La donnina ballerina

La donnina ballerina (The dancing woman) portrays the serenity of an independent artist, sheltered from criticism because she is confident in her art.


Inspired by the works of Degas, the artist re-create that moment of positive adrenalin that touches each of us before our performance. The dancer is about to begin her dance and looks forward proudly.


She is prepared and confident in her talent. Therefore, she does not fear the stage (metaphor of her life) and proudly enjoys these emotions full-heartedly.

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